About Us

Marina and Marco, Giacomo and Silvia

Marco and Marina left their secure jobs in the city at the end of the 70´s. (He was a programmer with Olivetti, she was a journalist).  They made their dream come true of a life in close touch with nature and a more natural rhythm of life. They have lived in the house `I Mandorli´ for the last 20 years and their two children were born there.
From the start they have worked their farm with the 
love and care of self-taught beginners, without ever using pesticides or other forms of chemical pest control. They produce small quantities of wine and olive oil which they sell to friends.

From 2001 they live in nearby Tuoro above Lake Trasimeno, on the hills called `Tiravento´.  In 2013, after twelve years in Turin for studies and job, Giacomo, their son, came back with his partner Silvia and the little Anita.

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